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Thread: System became slow after Adobe update

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    System became slow after Adobe update

    I have a desktop computer which is running on Windows XP service pack 3. Internet Explorer is the default browser which I use to surf the Internet. I was running the Adobe update which got complete and then the system prompted for restart. After the system restarted, the performance of the PC degraded. It takes long time to boot the system as well as to run any application. How can System become slow after Adobe update? Please help me as I am not able to figure out what the problem is.

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    Re: System became slow after Adobe update

    It is the operating system which you are using which is creating problems such as system performance degradation. Windows XP service pack 3 has many problems and bugs which are not fixed yet. Most of the users are facing the problem with system performance degradation after certain applications are installed. This happens because the Windows tries to access all the applications which are installed during startup. Which is responsible for the long booting time as well as the long time required for the starting an application. Open the Msconfig and disable all the applications which are being executed at the startup. This will make the startup of the system fast.

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    Re: System became slow after Adobe update

    Whenever an application is updated, it is not directly over written on the previously installed application. First all the update files are stored in the temporary internet folder and once all the files are downloaded, the system prompts for the update to be installed, once the update is installed the temporary files are deleted. If the update procedure fails due to some reason then temporary files do not get deleted and take up some space. Check for the update files and the delete them manually. Deleting the files manually will create some free space on the hard drive which will make the system fast.

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    Re: System became slow after Adobe update

    I would suggest you to check the free space on the drive in which the Windows is installed. There should always be some free space on the Drive in which Windows is installed. This is necessary because the drive in which the Windows is installed contains the paging file which is very essential for proper working of the Windows. If the drive becomes full then the system becomes slow. Hence check if the drive in which the Windows is installed has enough free space. If there is not enough free space on the drive then delete some files and create about 200mb of free space. Delete all the temporary internet files and cookies as they also take up some space on the drive.

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    Re: System became slow after Adobe update

    It is possible that the version of the Adobe software which you are using is creating some problems in proper working of the system. Either the update which you have installed is not compatible to the configuration of the system or it has corrupted the previously installed version of the software. Uninstall the Adobe application and delete all the keys and the files which are related to it. Use registry editor to delete all the entries of Adobe in the system registry. Once the system is cleared from all the traces of Adobe, check if the system performance improves or not. If the system performance improves then install the application again if you want to use it.

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    Re: System became slow after Adobe update

    Probably some virus must have got into the computer while attempting to update the Adobe application. Many times it happens that some malicious programs gets downloaded while downloading some files from the Internet. This malicious programs create problems in proper working of the System. Hence scan your system with an updated antivirus and check the infected files. Repair or quarantine the files which are infected and then check the performance of the system. Do not delete any files as it may lead to system failure. If you dont have an updated antivirus, use the free online scan facility which is provided by Kaspersky and Mcaffe.

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