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Thread: Lose of network connectivity

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    Lose of network connectivity


    whilst changing the offsite external usb backup drive it seems to cause the network to drop out for all users connected to it and the only way to resolve this is by restarting the server.

    what would cause this and why

    and how do i fix it


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    Re: Lose of network connectivity

    This basically happens due to the low bandwidth or improper connectivity to the device. It may also be a issue related to the cable or conector through which the device is been connected to access the internet. Check out the assigned address and repair the connection. This may help out. If all this not working well for you contatct the ISP.

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    Re: Lose of network connectivity

    unfortunatly its not the internet

    the LAN drops out no one can conect to the server

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    Re: Lose of network connectivity

    Can you tell me what operating system you have used with proper system and network configuration. It will help me for resolving this issue. You can also visit these thread to know more about this issue.

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    Re: Lose of network connectivity

    Check out for the Network adapters under the device manager option. Install the latest drivers for the same. This may then help you out for making the issue to sort.

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