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Thread: Audio codec problem in vista

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    Audio codec problem in vista

    Even if we put any codec in our system however, the result is delivered with its own media player, DivX Player, which is designed for playback of videos encoded in DivX from version 3 codec. This media player is expected to provide the highest quality of DivX HD content and can read files MVK H.264 format with AAC. But in some case when I insert a DVD the media player does not allows it to copy. Why so hat. Does converting this can make it work.

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    Re: Audio codec problem in vista

    For more demanding, there is the option to create a DivX "manually" to get a better quality picture and sound, or modify an existing video, for example, cut into parts. But beware: the manipulation, we describe in detail here, are aimed at experienced users. The question is whether we can just convert to DivX. Technically yes, but not legally.

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    Re: Audio codec problem in vista

    In contrast, most DVD-video business are protected against copying process with the CSS (Content Scramble System), which encrypts data. In this case, you can not convert them to DivX because you should "break" the protection, which is considered counterfeiting and punished by law. This is termed as piracy and the same is not allowed.

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    Re: Audio codec problem in vista

    To check that if a DVD-video is protected then simply insert it into the drive or DVD burner to the computer, then try to copy the DVD files on the hard disk. If you get an error message like Error file system is that the DVD-video is beautiful and well protected against copying. So you cannot make copy of that. Simply try to get the original disc for your self.

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    Re: Audio codec problem in vista

    If you are unable to playback video on your PC then download the GSpot (also available in the K-Lite Codec Pack). The software will tell you what codecs are used for sound and image, and if those codecs are installed on your computer. Pull down the System menu, and GSpot also tells you what codecs are present on your computer. The software analyzes the AVI (Audio Video Interleave), but also MPEG and MP4, and MOV and WMV (partial analysis).

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    Re: Audio codec problem in vista

    DivX Create includes DivX Converter, a versatile tool that can convert most existing standard video in DivX format. The creation of sequences in DivX format can also be done from your usual editing applications like VirtualDub or Avid Free DV, for example. The package installs obviously all the necessary files so that media players installed on your computer as Windows Media Player
    Classic, Zoom Player, or others be able to play videos in DivX format.

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