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Thread: The itunes library.itl file cannot be read

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    The itunes library.itl file cannot be read


    I have a problem with iTunes on my windows 7 pc. I have version 4.2. It has always worked very well. But yesterday I was listening to music when suddenly my laptop died due to lack of battery. Since then, impossible to route iTunes. I have an error message "The file iTunes music library can not be read: not a valid library file". I am not good at computers So, please, can you tell me clearly what I do! Thank you in advance

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    Re: The itunes library.itl file cannot be read

    Try to rebuild your iTunes library. iTunes is supposed to do this when you upgrade, but seems not work properly at this point. You can force iTunes to rebuild the library. Apple has a technical note describes how to do this. In essence, if you delete the damaged file, iTunes will take the necessary steps to create a "new" library. You will not lose any music, but you may need to recreate some of the preferences.

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    Re: The itunes library.itl file cannot be read

    Windows can not identfy a file with the extension. "ITL", but the file is called "iTunes Library" and is under your username then "Music / iTunes". Take this file and copy and paste on your desktop (if anything) and then click the folder "Previous iTunes Libraries". Locate the most recent prior to the date of installation of 8.0 and copy and paste to return to the point that it has erased the newest. iTunes should open up but probably will have to import the files.

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    Re: The itunes library.itl file cannot be read

    I have been having problems with my itunes and where it said, The itunes library.itl file cannot be read. so I started trying to fix it again. I tried uninstalling iTunes 7.6 and then put in versions lower than the same problems still occur versions 7.0.2 and 7.2.0. I read the forums and then put the file in the old iTunes library in the iTunes folder and then copy and put new one in the last folder in the iTunes library but I deleted the original one that was there when it was created 7.6 Is there anything I can t really save my iTunes?

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    Re: The itunes library.itl file cannot be read

    If the ITL file is corrupted or damaged, iTunes is going to XML, re-reads and recreates the ITL (and obviously rebuild the database of the library). So the plan is to edit the XML to reflect the vans in the directories and paths, somehow damage the ITL file and recreates it from iTunes XML editing. If complicated sounded, do not worry, the process is described step by step below:

    1. Quit iTunes.
    2. Make a backup of your iTunes Music folder, which contains the data of the library. As is only podcasts and files ripped with iTunes, is lightweight, so make 2 or 3 more backups to make sure nothing will happen. Now,
    3. Move music files (indexed by iTunes podcasts are neither iTunes nor iTunes rips) from the old location (eg, C: \ Documents and Settings \ Username \ My Documents \ My Music \ Non-iTunes) to the new location ( eg, D: \ Music \ Non-iTunes).
    4. Open the file "iTunes Library.itl. Select all the text and delete it. The file is blank, without any characters in it. Save it. "ITunes Library.itl" must have a size of 0 bytes. (This is important because some Unicode text editors Physical Features are added initially and edited files.)
    5. Open the file "iTunes Music Library.xml" and find and replace the directories of your choice. At the end of this list of points, you have a screenshot of how to use EditPad Lite, a free text editor, very powerful, and lightweight.
    6. Save changes to the XML file.
    7. Open iTunes. A warning will appear "progress bar is rebuilding your iTunes library. Depending on the speed of the PC and the size of your library, this may take a while. When finished, iTunes will warn you that the library was damaged or corrupted, and have been rebuilt. Click "OK" and iTunes finally launches.
    8. Check if all your music and playlists are OK, and if the data is preserved in the library, (count reproductions, etc). You'll notice a couple of additional static playlists for podcasts, videos, etc? A side note, when doing this process, we lose the date and time when the file was originally added. After this process, the date and time is changed when the files were re-add to the library in the reconstruction. Having said that, while it destroys the purpose of the Playlist, "Recently added" somehow maintaining the correct sequence (eg, the reconstruction seems to occur in the same sequence in which files were added, so if you order the list by "date added" we will see the newest at the end).
    9. You have done it.

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