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Thread: Why is winmail.exe in Windows 7

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    Why is winmail.exe in Windows 7

    I have heard this that Windows Mail doesn't any longer ship with Windows 7. Then why is there this winmail.exe process running in the processes list. And it is there since the time I have installed windows 7.
    When I try to open that file location, the file itself doesn't exist, although it does open "C:\Program Files\Windows Mail".
    Any reason why is this winmail.exe running then.?

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    Re: Why is winmail.exe in Windows 7

    Well I checked my processes list and I don't see any winmail.exe process running. I doubt Windows Live Essentials install it then, or something.
    Now to prevent it from running you can first check if it boots. It can be done from :
    Start > Msconfig and then check if it boots.
    Because you can't start it, its unsupported in windows 7 .

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    Re: Why is winmail.exe in Windows 7

    I checked the processes list again to get it double checked and it is there.
    I don't know what is wrong with it. Because I never installed it while installing Windows 7. And I tried the steps mentioned through msconfig to see if it boots and it doesn't boot.
    Then why is Microsoft doing this to us. Why does it want this Windows Mail exe to be present in Windows 7 when it is of no use.

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    Re: Why is winmail.exe in Windows 7

    Hey don't worry, I had this winmail.exe running in my system in the Beta version and it was there in RC, and RTM. And to remove you just need to delete the winmail.exe and it is gone. You don't need to panic so much. Even if it is there in the processes list then too it is not causing any harm to your computer.
    Now I don't know why microsoft kept it in the first place in Windows 7.
    So just delete that exe and your work is done.

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