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Thread: What is 1st Email Spider 1.1

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    What is 1st Email Spider 1.1

    Hello, I am have installed windows xp on my system. I want some information about 1st Email Spider 1.1. I am in a marketing field and usually i get huge number of emails per day. I just can not manage to deal with the each and every mail. I think 1st Email Spider 1.1 can help me in some way to deal with my bunch of mails. Am i right ?

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    1st Email Spider 1.1

    Yes you are right, 1st Email Spider 1.1 could be very useful tool to deal with your large amount of emails. You can retrieve over 150,000 emails per hour on a DSL connection by using 1st Email Spider 1.1. BY using this tool you will be able to detect each and every email on a site from which Duplicates and invalid emails will be deleted.

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    System Spec to use 1st Email Spider 1.1

    1st Email Spider 1.1 would be the perfect tool for retrieving huge amount emails. But your computer should have following to run 1st Email Spider 1.1 on your system.
    System Requirement for 1st Email Spider 1.1 :
    1- .Net Framework 2.0
    2- 64MB of Ram.
    3- Internet Connection.
    4- 10MB of Hard Disk.

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    1st Email Spider 1.1 Features

    1st Email Spider 1.1 has following features.
    1. Fastens speed by Multi threading, up to 200 threads
    2. Can find all emails from the site.
    3. Targeted or general emails will be targeted by choice.
    4. Defeats several anti-spam protections.
    5. Search by a specific country.
    6. Extracting from search engines.
    7. Duplicated and Invalid emails will be deleted.
    8. binary files will not be downloaded.
    9. Extracts all URLs on a site if you want.

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    Fuctions done by 1st Email Spider 1.1

    1st Email Spider 1.1 is one of the finest email extractor used by the many peoples.
    1. Automated Search.
    2. Can work effectively with slow connection.
    3. Can extract emails from plain text files.
    4. Load, clean and de-dup your lists easily.
    5. Emails are validated by using PEV technology.
    6. Very much customizable.
    7. Can save emails in different formats or exports them to excel.
    8. Displays realtime result.

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    1st Email Spider 1.1 as an Email Extractor.

    Email Extractor is must feature for the marketing professional. It is very much simple in use and fast also. 1st Email Spider 1.1 has nice User Interface in order to make all type of user comfortable. Multi Threading is main advantage of Email Extractor. You will be able to harvest huge number of mails from the most visited email servers.

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