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Thread: Install MARS 5.6

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    Install MARS 5.6

    Hello, I have got bored by doing the same task for all days. Actually i usually make reports by using Microsoft access. I am currently using windows 7 on my computer. It takes so much time to make reports and sent to all of the members of our office. I do have format for reports but still it is much time consuming while sending it. I think MARS 5.6 can solve my problem. Can this would be something really useful for me ?
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    System Requirements for MARS 5.6

    I think you can use MARS 5.6 as your regular scheduling software for making reports. But before you start with using it let me have you some basic requirements to run this software. First of all your computer should be having a processor of Pentium 3 or above of 750MHz capacity. This software needs minimum RAM of 32 Mb and most important is Microsoft Office should be installed on your computer.

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    Mars 5.6

    MARS 5.6 is an application made for those who regularly makes reports by using Microsoft Access. By using this application you can save your time and money as well. Basically MARS 5.6 would be helping you to define single or packages of Access reports which can be schedule and run them automatically. These reports can be turn in to some other formats also and which in further can be sent to print, fax, disk, ftp or email.

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    How to use MARS 5.6

    It is much easier to use MARS 5.6. You just have set up a schedule for running the reports as per the timing or whatever condition you apply. Even you will be having option to have your output in different formats such as Word, Excel, HTML, RTF, Acrobat, text, and more. After setting a schedule you must provide the place where this documents should be sent. There several frequencies to send data such as Daily, weekly, monthly or you may use custom made.

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    Features of MARS 5.6

    Following are some features provided by the MARS 5.6 application.
    1. You can schedule reports to run on the basis of date and time or Hourly, Daily, Week, or custom made timings.
    2. Different types file formats are supported for exporting the access report such as Microsoft Word, Rich Text (RTF), Excel (XLS), HTML, PDF, Text, CSV, DOC etc.
    3. You may use SMTP, Outlook, Exchange, MAPI or MARSMail to send reports and even CC and BCC too is there.
    4. Print your Access report.
    5. Print to multiple printers.
    6. You may send reports to local or network folder or directory.

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    Uses of MARS 5.6

    Here are some uses of MARS 5.6 which might give you basic ideas about using the this application.
    1. Transfer your Access report to an FTP folder or destination.
    2. You can even Fax your Access report.
    3. You can run custom actions before you export your Access report.
    4. Run custom actions after completing the exporting of reports.
    5. Scheduling of same report to run it for multiple times with different parameters, formats, frequency and destinations.
    6. "Package Schedules" lets you selecting the number of different reports to be selected to create a "package" which can be sent as a single e-mail.
    7. Event Based Scheduling.

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