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Thread: Not able to get rid of "Enter Network Password PopUp"!

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    Not able to get rid of "Enter Network Password PopUp"!

    I am having the 2 Internet Service Provider email accounts. And I keep getting the pop ups for both the ISP. Also when I open the Outlook and try to send or receive I am asked to Enter the Network Password that requires name and password. When I click the OK or Cancel, doesn't make any sense because it continues to pop-up. I am using the Microsoft Outlook 2003 and my operating system is Windows XP. Please help me to fix this issue.!!
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    Re: Not able to get rid of "Enter Network Password PopUp"!

    I think that there is no software issue since your both ISP are having the same problem. That's not really an Office problem. I think that there is some problem with your ISP. Is this happening again even after rebooting your system. If you have connected your ISP's through the Router, then try to reset the router and then try again. Maybe the problem is residing in the Router. Once you reset the router then try again to send an email. If the problem persists then you will have to call your ISP.

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    Re: Not able to get rid of "Enter Network Password PopUp"!

    If the Outlook is asking for the password while Sending or Receiving its the feature of the Outlook that you have activated. When you use Outlook to try to connect to a Microsoft Exchange server, the authentication should be approved by providing a user name, password, and domain name. And the Outlook may prompt you to provide your user name, password, and domain name repeatedly. I think that this is feature of an Outlook in which you can also disable that feature but it is not recommended.

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    Re: Not able to get rid of "Enter Network Password PopUp"!

    I think that you should check the settings on the domain controller for getting the rid from the Enter Network Password PopUp. Follow the steps for setting the authentication level for LAN Manager :
    • First click on Start, then select the Programs and click on the Administrative Tools.
    • In that you will find Local Security Settings, expand Local Policies just by clicking on that.
    • Then click on the Security Options.
    • Finally note the LAN Manager authentication level.

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    Re: Not able to get rid of "Enter Network Password PopUp"!

    I think that you should also check the domain controller's policies. The settings are the same as described by the "Glenny". Even then if it is not working fine, then just try to reinstall the outlook. just keep in mind that you should remove the existing version of the Outlook and then reinstall the application. Many times the files doesn't get overwrite after installing on the existing version which on later will generate the same issue. So remove the existing Outlook and then try to reinstall it. Hope that reinstalling will solve the issue.

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    Re: Not able to get rid of "Enter Network Password PopUp"!

    This was happening to me because I reset my password, when I entered my new password outlook stoped asking me that. if you changed any pass for an email that is set up on outlook enter the new one and problem will be solved.

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