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Thread: Where are EMail Programs built in Windows 7 ?

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    Where are EMail Programs built in Windows 7 ?

    I am thinking to upgrade my Acer Aspire 4736z to Windows 7 as operating system. But recently I came to know that the Windows 7 doesn't provide any built in EMail Programs. Does really the Windows 7 version don't have the EMail program like Outlook or something else ? I want to do e mail, since my work depends on that. What should I do to E Mail in Windows 7 ? Or should I continue with my operating system Windows Vista.?
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    Re: Where are EMail Programs built in Windows 7 ?

    I don't know what Microsoft is up to.! The latest operating system Windows 7 has launched without a native email program. The users that switched from the Windows XP to Windows Vista found that the Outlook Express missing but were provided with Windows Mail as the default email program on that operating system. If you are looking for the Outlook Express on Windows 7 then its very unfortunate to say that the program is now dead.
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    Re: Where are EMail Programs built in Windows 7 ?

    Yes, it is true that your Windows 7 doesn't have any E-Mail program. You will have to download the program for your own. I would like to suggest you to install the Windows Live Mail which can be download for free from the Microsoft web site. I think that you can go for the Windows 7 and then you can download the Windows Live Mail for free. So their should be no issues in upgrading your operating system. After downloading the Windows Live Mail, it's installation is very simple.

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    Re: Where are EMail Programs built in Windows 7 ?

    You can also use the Outlook on the Windows 7 as your e-mail program. The Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 are fully supported on the Windows 7. If you are not having the Outlook then you can also download the same from the Microsoft Official Site. There is nothing to worry about installing the application since it is very easy to install. I would like to recommend you to go for the Windows 7.

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    Re: Where are EMail Programs built in Windows 7 ?

    The operating system Windows 7 doesn't have a native mail client. You were using the Windows Vista in which you were provided Windows Mail that was isolated from the Windows 7. Many times you can find the executable of Windows Mail still present in Windows 7 but that will not work properly. The Windows Live suite was included as a download link in which you could use the Instant Messenger, Photo Gallery, etc. Its not inbuilt you will have to install from the Internet.

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    Re: Where are EMail Programs built in Windows 7 ?

    Unlike the Windows Vista and other versions (older) Microsoft has decided that Windows 7 won't include built-in programs for e-mail, photo editing, and movie making. Also you can choose to import Outlook if you are having the Windows Mail or Outlook Express installed on your old computer. This is because Windows Live Mail on your new computer is also capable of directly importing from Outlook Express and Windows Mail message stores. I think that you should upgrade your operating system. There are many compatibility issues with the Windows Vista which are fixed in the Windows 7, so its always better to go for the Windows 7. So I would recommend you to upgrade your OS to Windows 7 as later you can use the E-Mail program whatever you want.

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