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Thread: Insert a new layer in Photo by Photoshop

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    Insert a new layer in Photo by Photoshop

    Does anyone knows to create artistic background by using Photoshop. You have noticed that when go for a photo shoot the photographer adds a background to the image. The same can be noticed in Magazine also. The only thing I know here in Adobe Photoshop is how to add or remove black and white background. I want to add more artistic in the same place. Show the procedure for it. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Insert a new layer in Photo by Photoshop

    It is quite a tough to create artistic background on image via Photoshopt. Basic knowledge is just not enough. For that it is necessary that you must know some creative tools and can handle multiple elements as layers, rulers, masks, masks and gradient fill, but not alarmed because as you can see in the video, make a desktop background with Photoshop which make it easy.

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    Re: Insert a new layer in Photo by Photoshop

    Choose a image first in your Photoshop. Then the first step is to set the proper elements of the images. A high-resolution image to work with is best. A new document in Photoshop with the dimensions of your desktop, with a gradient. Then place the icons properly. Then remove the layer from the background and keep a clear image. After you have to add up layer to make your background much better.

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    Re: Insert a new layer in Photo by Photoshop

    First remove the layer of capture and paste the background image to start work, taking clear that we must place it, leaving a gap below approximately 15% of the total height of the document, later to create a reflection. Now, create a layer mask to the image with the Selection tool, eliminating the gaps that we will not intervene in the departments. Then press on filling new mask and select the option Hue / Saturation.

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    Re: Insert a new layer in Photo by Photoshop

    You can also make a color tone to taste, press OK and continue to work only with departments, implementing a new clipping mask. The same is located on the Layer > Create Clipping Mask. From here, with the selection tool, go off each of the tables and applying a new skin fillers, to give each one of the pictures color and tone that you need. Then save the image and check out.

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    Re: Insert a new layer in Photo by Photoshop

    Basically you will need to create different layers to enable background of your choice. By completing this task, press the Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E. Thus, you create a new layer that will capture all the layers we have active. Now press Ctrl + T and right click click Flip Vertical. Move this layer to the foot of the tables created above, and assigning a mask, make a gradient from top to bottom. Completed the reflection, generate the titles of each of the departments and store the document in JPG format.

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