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Thread: What FlashPaste Lite can do?

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    What FlashPaste Lite can do?

    Hi to all, I am a software developer by profession and i am using his computer from last 6 years. I have installed the windows 200 on this computer and i have searched a new software for my clip board utilities. Usually i have to type many common commands in my code book which is so frustrating. I think FlashPaste Lite can help me to reduce time in writing those codes. Isn't it?

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    About FlashPaste Lite.

    FlashPaste Lite is very much useful and effective software by which you can save much time just in doing copy pasting. Basically this software will make you write much faster or you can say it will save your time while writing long and long notes or whatever you might be writing. And it will not only help you to save your important time but also it will check for the misprints in the written data.

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    What FlashPaste Lite can do.

    In today's world tortoise never wins the game. You have to be faster in whatever task you do. And it hurts more when it takes much time to do just copy pasting. FlashPaste Lite will help you do it faster and accurately. FlashPaste Lite would be helping you in 3 different ways.
    1. It will save your time.
    2. Now you will never get bored by typing the same text over and over.
    3. It will you to avoid misprints done while typing the addresses or passwords.

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    FlashPaste Lite supports Macros.

    Another useful feature provided by the FlashPaste Lite is that it supports macros. Your texts will be easily altered automatically when they are pasted. Suppose you have pasted the text containing the macro for date and time then this software will automatically fill up those macro with the current system date and time.

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    Using FlashPaste Lite.

    When you start with Flashpaste, of course you have to set it up and add some programs that you use frequently. Here you will be noticing the real power of this software by having text templates constantly at your disposal. while you set up the program, You can categorize all those texts which you use regularly such as your greetings or signatures. You can add any type of texts of any length in order to save your time.

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