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Thread: Types of Variables in Open Office

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    Types of Variables in Open Office

    All variables in OpenOffice are short in span of time. This thing I concluded while implementing some for a Macro project. I also want to know what are more different types of variables available in open office or support it. The thing lies on the type and the place from where the term in executed. Also how to defined the scope of variables. Thanks anyways.

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    Re: Types of Variables in Open Office

    The data type must be defined according to the value taken by the variable. Some of the basics are Boolean. In this the data can take only the logical values True and False. Boolean variables are stored as numbers coded on 16 bits. Then comes Integer. It Integer data containing integers, 16 bit, between -32 768 and 32 767. The% character is the declaration of type Integer. If you write Dim X As Integer, while the data is decimal (eg X = 5.9), the return value is equal to 6. The value of the variable is rounded to the nearest integer.

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    Re: Types of Variables in Open Office

    Long is a number of 32-bit integer whose value ranges from -2 147 483 648 2 147 483 647. The sign ampersand (&) is the character of Long's statement. If you assign a decimal number, the value of the variable is rounded to the nearest integer. The other one which I know is Currency. I is a 64-bit data whose value range of -922 337 203 685 477.5808-922 337 203 685 477.5807. The @ sign is the character type declaration Currency. This data type is used in calculations or monetary calculations in fixed point where high accuracy is required.

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    Re: Types of Variables in Open Office

    There are many types of variables in Open Office. I will recommend you to use some manual for the same. Instead of that I have some information for your. The Single is a type of 32 bit data which consists of floating-point variables in single precision as floating point numbers, whose value is between -3.402823 E38 and 1.401298E-45 for negative values, and between 1.401298E-45 3.402823 E38 for positive values. The exclamation point (!) Is the character type declaration Single.

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    Re: Types of Variables in Open Office

    Then comes String. A given String can include letters, numbers, spaces and punctuation. The dollar sign ($) is the character of declaration of type String. The Variant may contain all types of data. All variables are converted to Variant if no other type of data is explicitly stated. Object is a data type representing a reference object.

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    Re: Types of Variables in Open Office

    A variable declared within a procedure (Sub or Function) will be valid only within it, and only until its closure. In some cases, a variable must remain valid for all procedures, all modules in all libraries, or after the closing of a procedure or function. The variable declaration must then be the head module and Outside the Sub or Function procedures.

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