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Thread: How to recall sent message in outlook 2010

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    How to recall sent message in outlook 2010


    I have newly install office 2010 in home, I am using my office mail client outlook 2010 in my home that is on exchange server. I find that there is no option of message recall on 2010. Can anybody have any idea. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    How to recall sent message in outlook 2010

    The steps of recall a sent mail in outlook 2010 is as follows:
    # You need to go sent items option.
    # Then open the message that you want to recall.
    # Go to file option in that message window.
    # Click on info , and message resend option and click recall.

    Try it and reply.

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    How to recall sent message in outlook 2010

    You can recall the message in outlook 2010 but if the recipient has read the mail then this option wonít work. Also noted down that this option will work in only corporate environment ,and not worked with GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc address. You need to click on drop down box located with Resend and Recall option and choose Recall this message option from there. If you found any issue reply me.

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    How to recall sent message in outlook 2010

    Basically recall option actually either deletes the mail from recipientís inbox or replace that mail with a new mail. You can either Delete unread copies of the message or delete unread copies and replace with a new message.The former option is only applicable if you have sent the mail to wrong address and the later when some incomplete mail is sent or the content is not correct.

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    How to recall sent message in outlook 2010

    I have also seen that there is some little bit change in option in outlook 2010. You need yo go to the sent items folder and open the mail which you want to recall or resend. Click that office icon on the top of the mail and in the settings you can see the option to recall or resend the mail. If you find any issue reply. Best of luck.

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    How to recall sent message in outlook 2010

    I think the recalling message in Outlook 2010 is worthy because its limited option and only working with corporate environment, not with the hotmail, gmail and yahoo. So i suggest you to use recall method with only your office internal mail. Best of luck.

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