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Thread: Roxio 6.1.3 Problems

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    unsure Roxio 6.1.3 Problems

    I recently had to re-format my hard drive do to: "Hard disk failure". "Roxio 6.1.3 Sonic Digital Media Plus" was was one of the programs I had to re-install. When I go to "Add Files", I get the following message:

    "Could not make thumbnail. Make sure you have the appropriate decoder installed. -47010".

    Before reformatting, it worked great. Any ideas on what the problem is???

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    Re: Roxio 6.1.3 Problems

    Thread Moved.

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    Re: Roxio 6.1.3 Problems

    I guess that the setup from where you are installing has become corrupt. Such errors occur when you use the setup disc for a long time. This may be the reason why you had no problem some time ago when you had previously installed it. You will have to try and install it from another disc or download its setup from the internet. This may hopefully solve your problem.

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    firewire drivers with OHCI compliant.

    I would like to suggest you to make your firewire drivers OHCI compliant. You can do it by following these steps.

    1. Go to properties of My Computer by right clicking on it.
    2. Switch to the Hardware tab and go to Device Manager.
    3. Expand IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controller in Device Manager window. Select properties of that driver by right clicking on it.
    4. Now Update Driver.
    5. Select install from a list or specific location and press Next.
    6. Select Don't Search. Click Next.
    7. Select OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller. By clicking Next, Driver will start to be installed.
    8. Press Finish on next window.

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    RE: Roxio 6.1.3 Problems

    My be there is no appropriate decoder is installed in your system to play the DVD files. Just try suitable player i.e., powerdvd and reply me if found any issue. You can also search the decoder in DIVX player website, It is free downloaded.

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    Re: Roxio 6.1.3 Problems

    First of all check you have properly install your decoder or not for checking it follow these steps
    Step1: Go to start and then go to run
    Step2: Type cmd and press enter
    Step3: In the command prompt type dvdupgrd/detect and press enter.
    Step4: Then you will see a window dialog box with all the information about the installed software.
    Step5: If no decoder is found then you have to install DVD decoder, which you can buy from any third party software company.

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