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Thread: Quicktime error in Leopard

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    Quicktime error in Leopard

    I have a Laptop which runs on Snow leopard. The laptop works on Snow leopard. The only problem is that Quick time is not working on it. I have installed quicktime in it but still it asked for the Quicktime installation. And I had also noticed that it has QuickTime X and QuickTime 7 both. Are they both needed. And if I have a license of Quick time 7 then that can work on it or not.With other issues like QuickTime VR, QTSS, etc

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    Re: Quicktime error in Leopard

    I do not know about the QuickTime, I tried to play a QuickTime file in it. As I clicked on it then shows the error it was asking for QuickTime 7. Then my friend told me me the instruction. First you insert the snow leopard and install the DVD, after that you open the optional installed folder. You twice click the optional install then follow the instruction and you will install the QuickTime 7.

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    Re: Quicktime error in Leopard

    If you have installed the QuickTime 7, then you will be handle by the division of the labor by your Snow Leopard. You can also use the QuickTime X when ever you need. If you do not have this then you installed it. When you are trying to do some thing in it. Then it will ask for the request. Then you can play the video.

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    Re: Quicktime error in Leopard

    For the more details you can go to the section of the QuickTime in the review of the snow leopard. After that I had installed in the part. I had also see that the Apple had made a QuickTime 7.6.4 update to save your security. But it is not showing the update to you. Then I download and installed it from the it official web site.

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    Re: Quicktime error in Leopard

    In the leopard there show the qicktime error. To this it shows the security focus to the QuickTime 7.6.2. The snow leopard comes with the version of QuickTime 7.6.3. I am not having the official word for it . This update is specially for the tiger and the leopard. It will not be for the Snow Leopard. The we have make a clear statement for QuickTime 7.6.4.

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    Re: Quicktime error in Leopard

    It is a normal activities of the software to update and The installer of the Apple we have to avoid and it will installed the update. Which are required for the operating system for the new system or only for the Mac. It will not give any evidence to us. And it is not necessary for the Snow Leopard and only update and install that things which is better for the leopard.

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