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Thread: Can I convert RAW to FAT 32 without Formatting??

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    Can I convert RAW to FAT 32 without Formatting??

    I want to convert my Hard-Drive from the RAW to FAT32. I am using Windows XP as my Operating System. Also there are some important documents in my Hard-Drive. Is it possible to convert HDD from RAW to FAT32 without formatting the data..?? Please help me..!!
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    Re: Can I convert RAW to FAT 32 without Formatting??

    According to me when you want to change the file system, it always require the Formatting. So the main thing for you is to store data anywhere else, before you try out changing the File System. Otherwise there are chances that after conversion of the file system, you may lose the data. After keeping the backup you can proceed with the conversions.

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    Re: Can I convert RAW to FAT 32 without Formatting??

    I have converted Win32 to NTFS without losing any data by using the Symantec PartitionMagic. I am not sure that I can too convert RAW to FAT 32, but you can have a try doing that. If it is possible to do the same thing then your data will be secured.

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    Re: Can I convert RAW to FAT 32 without Formatting??

    For converting RAW to FAT 32, Use disk management :

    Press the Start Button. Then click on Settings. In settings click on Control Panel. After going in the Control Panel, click on the Administrative Tools. In that click on Computer Management.

    In Computer Management, click the option "Disk Management". In the lower portion on the right, you should see a list of all the volumes. Right-click on the one you want to format and click "Format". Select the specific option that you want to get hard drive converted into.

    (NOTE : After doing this all your data on that specific drive will get formatted. So backup the Important files and documents before you proceed doing this process.)
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    Re: Can I convert RAW to FAT 32 without Formatting??

    I used the Command Prompt to convert a volume from NTFS to FAT. Hope you can do it for RAW to FAT 32 in similar manner.

    First open the Command Prompt. I typed the following command :
    convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs

    You have to specify the drive letter that you want to format.
    For Example I wanted to convert D: so I used the command :
    convert D: /fs:ntfs
    which would format drive D: with the ntfs format.

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    Re: Can I convert RAW to FAT 32 without Formatting??

    There are some tools like testdrive which will convert your file system. But I would like to recommend you to take the back-up of your data and then move forward. Otherwise you can lost your data while changing the file system.

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