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Thread: How to change the TEXT on the tabs in Firefox

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    How to change the TEXT on the tabs in Firefox

    Hello Everybody, My question is bit funny but i will be just doing that for my satisfaction. I am using the windows xp on my computer and i have a much popular browser that is Mozilla Firefox installed on this computer. Can anybody give me some ways to change the text appearing on the tabs of firefox ?

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    Expand the <head> tag, find <title> of Firebug.

    You can change the text appearance of the Firefox tabs by using the FireBug. You need to download the firebug first then expand the <head> and <title> of the firebug. You can download it by clicking on the FireBug. After downloaing the firebug from the given link try to change to change these tags as per your needs then see what results you get.

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    TabRenamizer can help you renaming tabs.

    I have a perfect solution for your problem. TabRenamizer will be the perfect one to solve your problem. By using TabRenamizer, you can change the tab properties of the Mozilla Firefox. Try installing it from the professional site of this application. And check that you have the full version of this particular application to use it up to its optimum level.

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    What TabRenamizer exactly do.

    Following are the functionality provided by the TabRenamizer.
    1. Random rename tabs: This function will change the name the names of tabs randomly.
    2. Even you can select a new title for a tab, by writing it manually.
    3. URL and domain automatic rename: This function will let you change the tab name regarding to the URL.
    4. Bookmark integration: This function gives the same title as in your bookmarks.

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    Firefox extension FlagTab.

    Firefox extension FlagTab lets you add relative tabs and customize colors of your Mozilla Firefox browser. You just need to double click on the tab to chage its colors after installing FlagTab. It will make so easy for you to change the whole look and feel of your Mozilla Firefox Browser.

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    Features of FlagTab.

    Following are the features provided by the FlagTab to change your tabs in the FireFox browser by just couple of clicks.

    Features of FlagTab :
    1. Custom Colors
    2. Multiple Triggers
    3. Mark Unread Tabs
    4. Relative Tabs (like IE7)
    5. Session Recovery

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