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Thread: How STRunner work

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    How STRunner work

    Hi everybody,

    Most of my friends is using STRunner, but i don't know what it exactly. Its a malware, virus or what ? or its a simple program. How to install it and how its work. Anybody have any idea , I will go through the website but i did not find any important information about this. Please help.

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    STRunner work as activeX

    STRunner is a executable file from the software Learn2 Corporation.The file basically STRunner.exe has size 106,496 bytes. It found under the directory StRunner. This is not run as spyware, adware, or trojan executable file in your system. It is just an activeX that is download in your computer through any internet browser.

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    Attackers use STRunner to expolite the code

    It is an ActiveX control to display multimedia content for online tutorials. Basically it reside in ActiveX control named iestm32.dll. But many Antivirus can detect as a trojan.This ActiveX control can be identified by CLSID: {0B72CCA4-5F11-11D0-9CB5-0000C0EC9FDB}. But may hacker can use to attack the user of internet explorer application.

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    STRunner with AOL9

    STRunner.exe is bundled with learn2 player and both the program is packed with
    aol nine. If you will install AOL9 , then You will find on the installed list and if you uninstalled learn2 player from your system , then STRunner automatically uninstalled from your system. Mostly system expert says that it is based on malware theory but not used by anyone as that way.

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    Learn2 corporation is used STRunner ActiveX

    STRunner ActiveX Control Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities. It works as ActiveX control to the remote Windows host to multiple buffer overflow attacks.
    Learn2 corporation is used STRunner ActiveX with various online tutorials. It will directly installed to the remote host. It affected unspecified stack buffer overflows.

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    Low risk on STRunner.

    It works as activeX by Learn2 Corporation. The risk is very Low. By use this, user to view a HTML or web page document and an attacker may be able to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the user. It is not signed as a virus or malware but the issue is running on expert.

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