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Thread: Need a software that save the webcam video.

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    Need a software that save the webcam video.

    I need the way or software by that i can save my partners webcam chat with me.
    I don't have webcam, and my partner chat with me with webcam.
    So i want to save the his webcam video with me when we both chat.
    Please help me to give me the way or software that save the webcam video of his, when i see him on his webcam on my PC.

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    Re: Need a software that save the webcam video.

    There is many software on website that have to feature to save video from web cam. Some are paybal and some are free ware. But I suggest you just buy Web Cam Recorder 2.10 its a share ware and price $39.99. It save all the video from any messenger like ICQ, yahoo etc . If you are using any one messenger i mean yahoo or msn, There are free software that is MSN Webcam Recorder you can download through the Microsoft official website but it can save only msn messenger video.

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