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Thread: How to access database .MDB with Windows 7

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    How to access database .MDB with Windows 7

    Hey, I am developing the program in the VB which access the database. But the problem is that when i am using it with the Windows 7 which is not allowing me to access database MDB file. And One more thing is that another user can not access it. Now my project is stuck up in the midways and don't know what to do. So tell me that where i am wrong and what to do. Waiting for reply. Thanks

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    Re: How to access database .MDB with Windows 7

    It seems that this could be the problem with the Windows 7 library that is not acting according to your criteria and must be created loading problem. So i will suggest you to define the another separate library as well as the folder for the files which want to access. Because i am having the same problem at the start when i started using the windows 7. So better to that and see the change. Hope you will get the solution with this post. Thank you

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    Re: How to access database .MDB with Windows 7

    Hey, Did you checked the code of your VB. Once again go through it and see whether the code which is written is perfect or not. Because this is the first issue regarding the database problem in the Windows 7. So there might be chances that your database connection is not configured properly which is causing you the same. One more thing is that there could be database connectivity is not tested properly. Check the database connection once again by using the test connection method. Thats it!!!!!!!!

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    Re: How to access database .MDB with Windows 7

    Hi, You didn't specified that which of the office suit your are using so that it will be the easier to understand the problem of yours. If your using the Microsoft Office 2007 then this could be disappointing new that there are some issue regarding the use of the same in the Windows 7. So this could be the reason that your Vb database giving you the error. MS access 2007 is not compatible with the Windows 7 Operating system. More you can read from the Microsoft. Thank you

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