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Thread: Error 1334 while Installing Office 2010

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    Error 1334 while Installing Office 2010

    I was using the Office 2007 and now I have bought Office 2010. My operating system is Windows XP (Service Pack 2). I have tried to install Office 2010 but every time I am getting the error saying that installation cannot be proceeded it should be rolled back. I am not able to point the exact problem. Whether its my new office or my OS. Does anyone know how to solve this.? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Error 1334 while Installing Office 2010

    Error 1334 is the error of the Windows Installer. Do the following steps to remove this error.

    1. Go to the Start, click on Run and type msiexec, then unregister it and click OK.
    2. Again go to Run and type msiexec / regserver, then click OK.

    Also you can check your settings in Run and type gpedit.msc then go to Administrative Templates followed by Windows Components then Windows Installer and click Prohibit User Install. This may work for you.

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    Re: Error 1334 while Installing Office 2010

    Many times the setup of Office 2010 requires the MS XML updated version to be installed. So try to install the updated version of XML and then try to run the setup. While installing the setup of XML, it will pop up that you are having older version. Are you sure you want to uninstall the existing version. Click on proceed and install the new version. After than you try to install the Office 2010.

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    Re: Error 1334 while Installing Office 2010

    The Error 1334 which is "setup cannot be installed" can be arise because of some .cab file cannot be found by the installer while installing the Office 2010. Maybe your .cab file got corrupted. If you have purchased the new CD of Office 2010 then try to check that your Cd-ROM is working properly. I think that changing the settings of the Windows Installer will fix the problem.

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