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Thread: Rundll32.exe error 0xC0000005

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    Rundll32.exe error 0xC0000005

    Now whenever I am trying to log onto my account, I am getting several error messages stating that "Application Failed to Initialize (0xC0000005)". Sometimes I can log in after rebooting my system. I am using the operating system Windows Vista. When I try to open the explorer I get several "rundll32.exe" error messages. I am not able to point out the exact problem. Sometimes I can do the things properly and sometimes the error is coming. Can anyone tell me what exact issue I am facing..??
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    Re: Rundll32.exe error 0xC0000005

    I was facing the similar error. I don't know the exact code number of the error. I installed the updated version of McAfee. When I scanned my machine it found lot of infections. When I deleted all those infections my machine started working properly. I think there is same issue with you. Try to scan your system with the updated Anti virus and let it remove all the infections. Then your PC will be working properly.

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    Re: Rundll32.exe error 0xC0000005

    Many times the Error 0xC0000005 causes due to any replaced hardware. It can be your RAM or other thing. Try to check in Safe Mode when you boot. The the problem is still coming then you will have to run anti virus scan within the system. But first check that your RAM is working properly. Many such cases the RAM is the issue. Later try on running the anti virus. Hope you will get some help from this.

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    Re: Rundll32.exe error 0xC0000005

    Maybe you will get the same issue after scanning the system. The reason is that if your operating system files get corrupted you will get this message. If the virus has infected your OS files then running the scan will delete the OS files also. So I suggest you to scan your system first them try to repair your OS. I think no need of clean formatting. Just scan your machine before the repairing your OS. That will remove your malwares, if any or repair the files that are corrupted. And you will able to work properly on your system.

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