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Thread: What is hybrid in windows 7

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    What is hybrid in windows 7

    I am used in Windows 7. I have a Dell laptop in which I had recently installed Windows 7. It looks great with nice features. I want to know the difference between sleep, hibernate, and hybrid sleep. For what purpose they are use and why. Does it creates any effects on the system or error. Which one is preferable to use.

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    Re: What is hybrid in windows 7

    The sleep is nothing else, but only the power saver which allow your computer to stop the full power supply quickly. That also with in a second. And if you want to start you work in your system. When you put the system is in the sleep state like in the DVD player as you pause it, as the same the system stop immediately. And it will be ready to use or work when you want it.

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    Re: What is hybrid in windows 7

    The Hibernation is also a type of saving power which is primarily designed for laptop. It draw a less amount of power supply and at the time of sleep it save all the setting in your memory. It turn off the system and keeps all the open programs and documents in your hard disk. It use the less amount of power supply and save the power in the windows. And you don't have the problem of charging the battery during this time.

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    Re: What is hybrid in windows 7

    Hybrid sleep is not for laptop, it is designed mainly for desktop computer. It is a combination of both sleep and hibernate. It also put the use programs and documents in your hard disk. It keeps the power state low and resume the work quickly. May some time it occurs that the power fails. you don't worry from the window you can restore the work from the hard disk. When it is turned on it put your system automatically sleep. It is some time set default for the desktop computer.

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