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Thread: Importing PST files of Outlook 2010

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    Importing PST files of Outlook 2010

    I was using Office 2007. Recently I installed Office 2010 and I am not able to import some PST files. Now in my PC there is no Office installed other than Office 2010. Also I am not able to find any pst repair tool thinking that my pst files might have been corrupted. Does it comes with Office 2010? Please Help me out !!!
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    Re: Importing PST files of Outlook 2010

    Try to search the scanpst.exe that comes along the Office 2010. This file is situated in hidden folder. So first go to control panel then in folder option. From there select the option "show hidden files and folders". After enabling this option you will able to view the hidden files & folders. Now go to drive where you have installed the Office 2010. (By default its in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 14\scanpst). When you run the scanpst it will acsn your pst files. This is the way to repair the pst files.

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    Re: Importing PST files of Outlook 2010

    You can import the pst files in Outlook 2010 in following manner :

    1. Go to the Outlook 2010, then click on File tab.

    2. After that click on Open and then click Open Outlook Data File.

    3. Go where your .pst files are located to import and then click OK.

    If you are not able to import certain files that means they are corrupted.

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    Re: Importing PST files of Outlook 2010

    Maybe your .pst files are corrupted. I would recommend you for Official tools, if still it fails then go for the Stellar Outlook PSt repair. In that software you will find the option "Repair PST File" in the main window. Then select the PST file and then choose the destination where you want the output. The output destination is needed so that it will scan your corrupt files first and then will recover everything into new usable PST files.

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    Re: Importing PST files of Outlook 2010

    i did exactly the same, and i could import the PST file successfully, but when i associated the file to my email account it started receiving my messages from the servers again even those old messages that already in my imported PST file.
    it don't check if there's duplicated or not.
    do you know a solution to that ?
    thank you

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