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Thread: Powerpoint 2010 crashes!!!

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    Powerpoint 2010 crashes!!!

    I am using Office 2010. Recently my PowerPoint crashed when I was making some slides. After than I tried to start it in Safe Mode. But it is not working. Now I am not having the older version of Office. So I can't install the older version. I want to complete some slides immediately. Can anyone help me in this problem.
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    Re: Powerpoint 2010 crashes!!!

    There are many features improved in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 with some new additions. So it is much useful to use this version rather than using older version. I have still not faced any kind of issue while working with PowerPoint 2010. Try to repair your PowerPoint by inserting the CD or browse the path where you have stored it. Many times these applications crash down because of corrupt files. Repairing will fix this problem.

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    Re: Powerpoint 2010 crashes!!!

    Such crash down issues can be caused because of Anti virus and other applications. So I suggest you to uninstall your Anti virus or any other spyware and also disable the firefall. After doing this try to reinstall the power point again. This may sort out your problem. Before reinstalling the power point try to repair it. If repairing is not working then reinstall it.

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    Re: Powerpoint 2010 crashes!!!

    Repairing will sort out your issue. If it is nor happening then try to uninstall the PowerPoint from the Control Panel and install the whole thing again. If this problem still persists then try to run the anti virus and scan the whole system. There may be some virus infecting the files related to the PowerPoint.

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