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Thread: Different elements in control panel

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    Different elements in control panel

    I had just started using Windows. I work on MAC normally. What are the different types of elements present in Control Panel of Windows. It is located in the Start Menu, Settings & Control panel. By opening up I switched to classic menu and found of list of applications. What are their description.

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    Re: Different elements in control panel

    Each element of the control panel is determined by a. Cpl present in the system32 folder of Windows. If you rename the name of one of these files, this has the effect of hiding the icon. However, certain elements are dependent on one an other, so you rename a file, you can prevent the use of another. From the View tab you can choose your screen in a list. The system Sleep selects standby from a list and choose the time Inaction on the computer after which it will be triggered. You can download screen savers files (. Scr) by placing them in the system32 folder of Windows.

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    Re: Different elements in control panel

    Add remove hardware. By this option you can ask Windows to scan your computer to recognize and add your hardware (usually the latter requires a CD containing drivers if they are not available in its database). You can also add your hardware manually selecting the device type and then fetching the drivers of the latter. This menu is very little used in the sense that all the devices today are plug & play, which means "plug and it works.

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    Re: Different elements in control panel

    Internet options on the Windows browser, Internet Explorer, can be changed from this menu. There are multiple settings like cache site move the file, set the disk space used by the cache etc. The cache is a picture of the sites you've visited, so if you return to the site, the browser displays the page from cache and not re-downloading the page from the website. This is to accelerate the page display, however, the higher your cache size, the slower is the display site for the latter. Moreover, with connection speeds of greater and greater, less use of the cache is interesting.

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