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Thread: Firewall blocking windows explorer

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    Firewall blocking windows explorer

    Please Help!
    I got the message from Windows Security Center saying that Windows Explorer is blocked by Windows Firewall. I get this message every time whenever i try to log in to one of my client's computer. Can anybody help me with this Problem as i am not able to see desktop and other folders as well.

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    Re: Firewall blocking windows explorer

    You would be using internal network to use your client's computer. Make sure that you are trying to access the client's computer from the administrator's account. Because only administrator has these type of rights that they can look into whole network. Still if its not working then there must be some privacy settings activated in client's computers.

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    Re: Firewall blocking windows explorer

    If you are using XP Service pack 2 then Windows Firewall may block you working on network. It is by default, Windows Firewall is enabled and blocks unsolicited connections to your computer. You can follow some steps to enable programs by Firewall manually.
    Click on Start then Run, type " wscui.cpl " in the opened box which will take you to the Windows Security Center. Select Windows Firewall. Go to the Exceptions Tab then click Add Program to add your program, click OK. After adding your program check your program in the list.

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    Re: Firewall blocking windows explorer

    Firewall is a Windows program which stops you from visiting restricted areas. And these all areas are mentioned in Firewall's settings. You can change these settings to solve your problem. By default no client can watch desktop of other computer without permission given from administrator. Simply you can Disconnect your network completely then again install the whole network. By doing this your firewall settings would become default.

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