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Thread: Is recovery of "CUT" files possible?

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    Is recovery of "CUT" files possible?

    Hello. I am actually confused and wanted to know whether it is possible that I can recover the files that has been cut for pasting it to other drive. I have cut some files from my hard drive and pasted it to the other local drive but on the process my power supply failed and the system then had to be restarted. But now am not able to find those files. Is there any recovery tool through which I can find them. Please help.
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    Re: Is recovery of "CUT" files possible?

    This is an kind of serious problem. But I am sorry to say that it is almost impossible for you to recover those files that has been cut for pasting. This is because when you cut a file the file is actually removed from the source place where it used to be and been kept at hold to be pasted to other source. By the time the file is not been paste d completely it is either lost or corrupted.

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    Re: Is recovery of "CUT" files possible?

    Well the files that has been deleted or cut never goes of from the hard disk, It still remain there. But the thing is that the link in the FAT table that is file allocation table is broke due to which it is unable to identify the file when been searched in the specific local drive or folder. For a suggestion I would suggest you to copy your files when you want to paste, never cut the file for pasting in order to save your work if it fails by any mean.

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    Re: Is recovery of "CUT" files possible?

    As you have cut the files for pasting and lost the power supply while the process was on I cannot assure you that this would work but still try to do this. You should "View common tasks" that is turned on in the explorer on the operating system that is XP, You will get a copy file button. This would help you in not loosing your data while copying or transferring files.

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    Re: Is recovery of "CUT" files possible?

    It is quite possible to recover such files that has been cut and you need to restore it back as you have lost it due to unconditional reason. You can use recover my files or easy or stellar phoenix software tool to recover those files. As the files been located in your partitions the recovery tool should be able to search them. Check out the thing it might help you out.

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