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Thread: Google chrome or Internet Explorer?

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    Google chrome or Internet Explorer?

    Hi. I have been using Internet explorer 7 as my web browser for surfing and browsing internet. I am not completely satisfied with the results. It seems that IE lags a lot and is too slow. Some of my friends told me to use Google chrome. It is fast and has better performance feasibility than IE. I use Windows XP as my operating system. Please help letting me know about it. Which should I go for IE or Google chrome?

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    Re: Google chrome or Internet Explorer?

    You have heard it correct Google chrome is much more advanced and has more facility than Internet explorer. Internet has some disadvantages that it is not stable and lags a lot. Some of the application or plugins are not so easy to get installed with IE. Google chrome breaks all such barriers to reach and has lead a tremendous growth in software application for browsing internet. Google chrome is a better choice. go for it.

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    Re: Google chrome or Internet Explorer?

    There are many features and advantages of Google chrome over IE. They can be explained by following points.

    1) Stability: It has a better stability while browsing. It do not lag much and performs with a stable speed.
    2) Speed: It claims to have the best provider for downloading any audio files and necessary stuffs. It uses javascript virtual machine. This gives great speed limit.
    3) Security: It is very much secured. It stops if any other tab is opened and is causing some trouble.
    4) Pop ups: It has a better approach in blocking pop ups by its means.

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    Re: Google chrome or Internet Explorer?

    I would tell that Google chrome is much better than Internet explore but would like to suggest you to go for mozilla firefox 3.6 the latest edition. It has lots of new enabled features and has good stability as well. It does provide good downloading speed and with due respect of the number of tags that has been opened. Google chrome possess similar features but firefox 3.6 been the latest will suggest to you to go for it.

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    Re: Google chrome or Internet Explorer?

    Good info...Google is hard to control...I will start with Chrome and see.

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    Re: Google chrome or Internet Explorer?

    Google Chrome is ok, but I personally think that Firefox is the best (and I've used IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera etc.) I've tried them all, and I still love using Firefox.

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