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Thread: Acer computers Multiplier locked

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    Acer computers Multiplier locked


    I am using Acer computer. I am trying to do some thing with overclocking but by mistake i locked up with the multiplier and i don't know what to do. Now, i cant even get into the BIOS. I need to make some changes in the BIOS but because of the multiplier issue i couldn't do so. So please help me out to enable me to use my computer with my configuration.

    Thanks in advance.....

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    Re: Acer computers Multiplier locked


    If i am not wrong bios does not have overclocking option but you can modify your BIOS for unlocking some of the option which is not recommended. This is your bios issue your bios is stopping you. You can also try overclocking by windows but here is the problem is still same that this is also restricted because it can cause crashing.

    Thank you

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    Re: Acer computers Multiplier locked


    There are no way to unlock the multiplier if it is locked but i can help you out with one solution hoping that this will work for you. The trick by which you can unlock is by jacking up the memory FSB. So its better to get a fastest RAM to do so. Just get the latest version of the FSB to speed up your work.

    Hope it will help you...

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    Re: Acer computers Multiplier locked

    Hey dude,

    First do one thing, Check your motherboard configuration because some of motherboard are built with the unlocking technology to resolve the issue of the locking. They will allow you to increase the clock speed by increasing the multiplier instead of the jacking with FSB. This will resolve the problem of the RAM and will unlock your BIOS.

    FSB is nothing but the data career, it takes the data from the CPU to northbridge. It also depend on the processor because some of the computer may contain the back side bus which connect CPU to cache

    Hope it will help you. Say thanks if you like the idea

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