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Thread: Workstation resolving Server name to wrong IP

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    Workstation resolving Server name to wrong IP

    I have a windows server 2003, with xp clients, that runs DNS...
    I changed the nic and the IP on the server and now the client wont resolve the correct IP when pinging...
    I have tried (ipconfig /flushdns), (arp -a) shows the correct mac for server1's new nic, (nbtstat -R)...
    When I ping the servers FQDN it resolves correctly...


    server1 IP =
    ping server1 (times out) looking for
    ping (reply from)

    I have a second server (server2) that I have no problems with, which was implemented after this problem...the DNS suffix in the client advanced tcp/ip settings are configured correclty

    what am I missing?

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    Re: Workstation resolving Server name to wrong IP

    Just open DNS on the server to see the next and previous records. After getting all the records, you need to delete the incorrect ones, if you want your server should have the same IP address all the time, then you will need to assign it an IP outside the DHCP scope or just give a reservation in the scope itself.
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    Re: Workstation resolving Server name to wrong IP

    I would think it is a DNS issue. Check through your (A)Host records for all incidents of that domain name and then check the IP within in it. If it was a DC before the IP address changed, it is borked. You can't just change the IP address of a DC. DC's have service records and what not in DNS that need to be changed.

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    Re: Workstation resolving Server name to wrong IP

    Have you find the offending systems the system 1 and system 2. There may be some list in it. Is the current IPs matching with the old one. If their is any problem in your system have you command ipconfig / registerdns.
    If you are not finding any system records after checking the DNS event log from the server their may be a bigger problems then you have to have a couple of workstation. Their may be a host records in your systems. Their must be a ip addressing scheme in the look-up zone of your system and their must be a bunch of ptr records. I think you must tried the re-loader DNS on the server. You had not then do it. This is the best method to deal with the errors of the server as the 4004 and 4005s.

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