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Thread: Make a password for .exe files

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    Make a password for .exe files

    I have HP desktop PC and Windows XP installed in it. My brothers watching movies on a PC using vlc media player at all the time. I want to make my media player inaccessible to others so that my brothers don't watch any movies. I can not lock my PC because my father have some work on a PC. Is there any way to lock these media player? Is there any software that will lock .exe files?

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    Re: Make a password for .exe files

    You can use Exe password software to make it inaccessible without password. It is very easy to add any password to file. You have to select file on a desktop or in a start menu or in explorer, select context menu, choose password protection and after that enter password. When you open this program, it will first ask for password. I think this software is beneficial for you.

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    Re: Make a password for .exe files

    Exe wrapper allows to protect any exe files with its own password. It can modify the main icon of .exe file. If you want to keep people out of your personal information then use this software to protect your personal data. When any one try to run this program, a dialog box appears and it will ask for password. Without password no one use that program. password is encrypted using encryption algorithm.

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    Re: Make a password for .exe files

    Exe password protect is freeware application which will help to protect your .exe files. Select a file that you want protect and choose a password for it. In this version you can set only one letter password. It is impossible to extract any code or swf files from your exe files without your password. My suggestion would be download this software and use it.

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