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Thread: Insert data from an Excel file into MySQL.

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    Insert data from an Excel file into MySQL.

    I have a lot of data that is on media files such as Access or Excel and I want to insert these data into a MySQL database without having to copy. I am using Microsoft office 2003. Second thing Automatic change of colors in a chart (histogram) with EXCEL. How can I do this. I had tried with font colors but not working.

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    Re: Insert data from an Excel file into MySQL.

    Here we will open our file that contains the data and thus be aware of the number of fields (columns) and the types of values that we would get output. In column A we have numbers (certainly not in such numbers stored in our field but not a problem) and Column B names. Establishment of database of destination. Go to external Data> More> ODBC Database.

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    Re: Insert data from an Excel file into MySQL.

    Open a new Excel file which contains data. If should consist of proper tables and columns. I am using a budget set file. You could be very well in putting a bit more formal. Then right click over> Format Cells. Choose conditional formatting here. Select the appropriate options and then you can change the relevant colours.

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    Re: Insert data from an Excel file into MySQL.

    Here I will show you how to use conditional formatting. If my expense is equal or superior to them, I therefore consider that the goal is not reached. Therefore I choose an indicator "red" to indicate failure and a "green" for success. So select cell B2 the data cell. Then click the Format menu and then Conditional Formatting. Fill in the fields as follows. Condition 1 - Greater than or equal to etc.

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