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Thread: Google chrome browser problems

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    Google chrome browser problems

    Hi, I have a desktop system with a configuration of Intel pentium 4 processor and installed with Windows XP service pack 2. The problem with my browser is that I am unable to access to any sites at a faster rate. It takes a long time for my google chrome web browser to start and also it then takes a long time even to open a new tab. Please suggest.

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    Re: Google chrome browser problems

    The problem that your web browser takes a long time to start and to open up tabs is basically related to your cookies been full. You need to delete your cookies and clear the history first. Cookies are generally nothing but an information storage section in your browser that stores recently used sites due which you need not need to open up the sites and can access directly to it. As your cookies might have got full it takes a long time to respond because it needs to load all the sites that is been saved.

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    Re: Google chrome browser problems

    Well the problem seems to be associated with your system. There could be a possibility that your hard disk drives might have gone full. This does happens when your system is overloaded and there is no much space for the process to get executed in your drives it takes time to adjust the process first and then allocate space for execution. This is basically a general problem. Free up your hard drives first if its jammed.

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    Re: Google chrome browser problems

    This is quite a problem related to the compatibility of the software with the system. Google chrome take updates from its official site. As it take updates there has to be an alteration as well with the system. Your system cannot execute process beyond its limit or reach. Upgrade your system or the operating system. This might help you in solving your query. Upgradation is a must in order to cope up with the modern new inventions and technology. Hope you got it.

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