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Thread: Registry mechanic causing problems

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    Registry mechanic causing problems

    Hi, This is a serious problem am facing through. I have a desktop system that is powered by Intel pentium 4 processor installed with windows xp service pack 2. Now I have installed a program or a software you can say, called Registry Mechanic. It actually performs system cleanup and maintaining the registries in a proper way also removing threats. But after when I did install this application my system is getting crashed every now and then. Please help me out. Thank you.

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    Re: Registry mechanic causing problems

    Hi. This software actually is meant to solve the problems not for creating them. But as you are saying that your system crashes down after you have installed this software there might be a possibility that the software may have some bugs or issues due to which it is not allowing your system to function out properly. The software pack may be trial or a demo and its date might have expired. This results that the software stops functioning and do not safeguard your system anymore. Uninstall the pack.

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    Re: Registry mechanic causing problems

    Now this seems a virus problem. Your software application may have been affected with a virus. This is because majority of the sites from where you download application contains virus embedded in them. So when you download this application you are actually downloading virus. When you install this application the software starts performing its tasks with the help of virus It means that virus performs the actions in its way and leads to problem.

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    Re: Registry mechanic causing problems

    Many a times we tend to install malicious programs which actually seems to be useful but ain't exactly. A malware is a kind of program related to such a cause. There are lot of fake programs that actually presumes as useful application which would help to speed up your system and maintain its registry. You might have been a victim of such cases. Remove the software application you have installed. It is purely a virus or a malicious program that is been executing to the core of it limits. Uninstall it. It may help you out.

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