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Thread: How to recover deleted iTunes folder iPod_Control

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    How to recover deleted iTunes folder iPod_Control


    By mistaken, I have deleted folder ipod_control, now my iPod won't work. Could somebody direct me to where I can download the "ipod_control" folder with all the files on it. Can I How to recover deleted iTunes folder iPod_Control, Is there any software for that ???

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    Re: How to recover deleted iTunes folder iPod_Control

    To recover deleted the iTunes folder iPod_Control, a restoration to do the work for you, you have to re-sync your iPod, that's all. You need to restore the iPod after deleting the folders. If have a problem while restoring than delete the folders, press center + menu until the Apple logo, and when the apple appears, press center + pause / play to enter disk mode. after that you can connect your iPod and restore it. I think it is obvious that there is something corrupted in the contents of M:\iPod_Control\iTunes of the ipod.

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    Re: How to recover deleted iTunes folder iPod_Control

    If everything is still in the folder iPod_Control, I know that Banshee can rebuild the database (I personally have done), catering for all music to be audible on the iPod (it lost all playlists, however.) Bad news, Banshee is Linux and Mac OS X now (there is a Windows port in the works.) I do not know if there is a Windows program that can do this repair, however. Simply go to the iPod into a banshee and offered to repair the database.

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    Re: How to recover deleted iTunes folder iPod_Control

    Try updating the Ipod , but back the files on you ipod. You can do this by:

    1. Connect your iPod to your computer via USB or FireWire cable that came with the iPod and open iTunes if not already open.

    2. If you want to update your iPod on a PC, you must be formatted for a PC. If not, you'll see a message stating that the iPod needs to be reformed. If you receive this message, refer to Restoring iPod to factory settings before proceeding. If you are unsure of the format of your iPod, see the iPod: How to determine disk format of your iPod.

    3. If iTunes detects that a newer version of iPod software is available for your model, you are prompted to download and install the new version. If you already downloaded the latest version of the software, you may be prompted to install it.

    4. Depending on iPod model and you use USB or FireWire to connect your iPod, you may be asked to leave your iPod connected to computer to upgrade is complete, or you may be asked to connect the iPod to the adapter.

    5. During the upgrade process, you realize that the Apple logo and a progress bar appears on the iPod screen.

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