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Thread: How to reset the password in command prompt

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    How to reset the password in command prompt

    I do not have the rights to login into the administrator's account, but can login into the guest account. I have learnt command prompt, so tried to reset the password in it. I entered my password in it, but then it gave an error 5. Cannot understand what is happening. Please help if anyone knows what do. I am using Windows Vista Home edition.

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    Re: How to reset the password in command prompt

    To recover the administrator account and to reset the password, just try the following steps which must definitely work:
    Click Start,then RUN, there type cmd. Command prompt will appear. Then enter these commands as given below:
    cd\ windows\system32
    mkdir temphack
    copy logon.scr temphack\logon.scr
    copy cmd.exe temphack\cmd.exe
    del logon.scr
    rename cmd.exe logon.scr

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    Re: How to reset the password in command prompt

    Hey, to change the password in command prompt, you simply need to enter the password when it asks to enter a new password. Dont enter the existing password. Then re-enter the password when it prompts to do so. Thus, the password is changed. You can also use this method to reset password in a batch file.

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    Re: How to reset the password in command prompt

    To reset an administrators password, you have to get access into the system and for this vista logon has to be hacked.Just follow the following steps:
    First boot the Vista installation cd. Then,go to command prompt, type notepad. Then, in notepad, click on file and then open. There, go to C:\Windows\system32 and alter document type to all file. Search for the file, sethc.exe and rename it to sethc.exe.old
    Copy cmd.exe and paste it again, which will be called "Copy of cmd.exe".Rename this copy to sethc.exe
    Now, restart your computer. During logon, press SHIFT 5 times. Now,cmd will appear. Here type "Net user administrator *". Now enter your new password. No character will appear when you enter new password.

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