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Thread: how to open file with .scb extention

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    how to open file with .scb extention

    Hi to all,
    I love to download various books from internet and love to read it.But recently I download some book that is in .scb format and I am not able to open it from any application.I don't know which type of file is this and which application to use to open it.For your information I just given my system details.I use Compaq computer running windows xp,2.0Ghz Processor,512 RAM.

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    Re: how to open file with .scb extention

    It is very often that various people face.Here I just given simple method to open it .Try it.

    Open up worldbuilder -> Click Edit -> Click Edit Player list (on the edit menu)-> Click Add Skirmish Players and then click OK -> Click Edit again but this time click on Scripts -> Click Import scripts and then browse to your Generals/Data/Scripts folder (in program files not My Documents) and double click> You can now see a file tree with lots of different scripts in that you can read it.

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    Re: how to open file with .scb extention

    It is normal problem that "Windows cannot open SCB files?" because it do not understand the file extension.If Windows is unable to open file with .SCB extension you may have registry related errors or may not have the appropriate program installed. I suggest you to run a free registry scan.a file with .scb is extension associated with System Cleaner. Incorrect associations are the cause of many file extension errors. Scan your system to prevent, identify and repair SCB file extension association.
    You can go to following site to scan you system

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    Re: how to open file with .scb extention

    For your information I just given description about it.Script created with Scala, a digital signage management program; contains instructions used to control digital signs that is similar to an .SCA file, but is saved in a published format that cannot be edited.So I suggest you to do not try to open it with any application ,just delete it.

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    Re: how to open file with .scb extention

    SCB is a proprietary file format used by Scala software. Since you are running Windows, you can open it with Scala Ad Manager, Scala Content Manager or Scala Designer. If you do not have any of them installed, you should install first.

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