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Thread: Samsung cdma tech drivers won't install on Windows 7

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    Samsung cdma tech drivers won't install on Windows 7

    im running windos 7 and and have samsung pc studio 3 it wont install the samsung cdma tech drivers. is there a direct link for this? THANK YOU.....

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    Re: need help please...

    Just Check out this link for your query:

    You can download samsung cdma tech drivers from here.

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    Re: need help please...

    As you said that you have windows 7,Before installing samsung pc studio 3 on your computer have you read the supported operating system .So I suggest you to first read your manual ,Because it may happened that samsung pc studio 3 doesn't compatible with windows 7.If it is stated that samsung pc studio 3 can run on windows 7.Then try download drivers from site.

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