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Thread: Blue Screen due to Firewire

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    Blue Screen due to Firewire

    I had recently introduced Firewire connection in my Laptop running Windows Vista. After this new configuration the system has crashed many times. But I did not thing the issue lies with it. I am not sure also. I am trying to keep a track of the crash in order to get appropriate solution. Second thing I have some audio CD. I want to convert them to wma as soon as possible. I have no audio software in my PC. Help needed. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Blue Screen due to Firewire

    In case of keeping a track for the system crash you can use the inbuilt calender of Windows Vista. It is opened by double clicking on the clock in the task manager. This will help you to troubleshoot bugs or data loss. The problems are common and there are many patches available for the same. You can download it from the Microsoft site. For a easy way turn on your Automatic Update.

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    Re: Blue Screen due to Firewire

    It is a common problem with some firewire devices, which cause blue screen in Windows Vista. To counter this, there is a patch normally offered by Windows Update but not all the time. That's why you must manually recover from the site. And if you have any file or any driver which you want to delete manually then using cmd can be the best way. Just open a command prompt, move to the directory that file with the command cd. Change attributes of files: attrib -s -r -h nameoffile.txt.

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    Re: Blue Screen due to Firewire

    Right now there is a option available in Windows Vista to convert any audio disc to normal mp3 or wma. This can be done by using Windows Media player. If you buy CDs on the market and want to keep on your hard drive then you can use Rip music from CD option in the player. Windows Media player will consume some time as it process each file one by one and converts them to normal wma file. This file is readable in most of the DVD players.

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