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Thread: Disable Windows Mail Splash Screen

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    Disable Windows Mail Splash Screen

    After upgrading to Windows Vista it took a long to search for Outlook Express. Then I came to know that the same is converted to Windows Mail in it. I tried to configure it but does not received any success yet. First of all I did not understand the reason behind changing this application. Though there are more new thing in it. And one thing I want to do is to disable the splash screen of Windows Mail.

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    Re: Disable Windows Mail Splash Screen

    Outlook Express is no more. It has been superseded by a slightly more sophisticated: Windows Mail. It can manage its courier and also to work with news servers (newsgroups). Unless I am mistaken, this is not possible. This requires use Windows Live Mail Desktop you will find the site Live Ideas. It is full of new features, much faster and reliable. You can figure out the difference when you run the same.

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    Re: Disable Windows Mail Splash Screen

    To preserve the style name of the new tools (Windows Live, Windows Calendar, etc.) and especially to avoid confusion with Microsoft Office Outlook the tool is renamed. Windows Mail has lots of new things. First a clearer interface, but also enhanced features such as spam filters or especially the anti-phishing filter. Contact management is also improved because it is outsourced and they can be used by any application.

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    Re: Disable Windows Mail Splash Screen

    If you want to disable the splash screen that appears each time you start Windows Mail, then you can disable it via the registry. Click on Start > Run and type Regedit. Navigate to the path HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows Mail. On the right side, create a new DWORD key and name nosplash and give it to 1. This change will take effect the next boot. After that launch Windows Mail and check.

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