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Thread: Change password in MS Access

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    Change password in MS Access

    I am a newbie on Microsoft Access. I have imported some database in my application for general work. Some database has passwords on them. I want to change to remove them completely. How to do this. Second thing is there a way by which I can compact a large database in the application. How can figure out the path of the database running in the software. I also need some more configuration information on Microsoft Access.

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    Re: Change password in MS Access

    To change the password you must be logged in as user: for each password you want change, you must login with the user login and password. Then you change the password by going in Tools > Security > User, change the password from here. For manually compacting a database go to Tools > Utilities > databases. For setting the same on Automatic go to Menu > Tools > Options > General> Compact on Close.

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    Re: Change password in MS Access

    Sometime the AutoExec macro launched at startup which is quiet annoying. You can prevent that by holding the shift key while opening. This trick works with most Office applications. You can also change the icon of the applications. There is an option to set the application icon to display in the title bar of the database. Go to Tools Menu > Startup > Application icon. You can also open a from or run a code on startup. To open a form to start the application, go to Tools then Startup. Property Set Startup Form. To run a process to launch the application, create a macro named AutoExec including actions that you need. In general, the developer will provide this macro one action: Run Code thereby launch a VBA function to start up its product.

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    Re: Change password in MS Access

    To get a path of the database which contains tables you will have to use the listed functions. The function GetLinkedDBName () returns the network path of the table passed as parameter. The function DriveLinkedTable () returns the same way but without the filename of the database. And if you want to use the Access on the internet to get your database you will have to first, ru Access in a Windows front end, not on a web front end. So we can use the interface (forms) on the Internet, however, the tables and their data are used. You can also copy objects from one database to another. The solution is to import the desired objects (queries, forms, tables, macros or states). To do this open your destination database (create one blank if necessary) and use Insert > Table > Import table.

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