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Thread: "No Preview Available" error while opening jpg

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    "No Preview Available" error while opening jpg

    I am having a Windows Xp computer at my home since a longtime. Yesterday i have done just a simple Windows update and after that, i am just not able to preview any of the Jpg images on my XP computer. Whenever i try to do so, the system gives me an error message stating ,"No Preview Available". Do you guys have any idea about this error. Please let me know how can i fix this error ? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: "No Preview Available" error while opening jpg

    Most probably this error occurs with Windows Picture and Fax application and that is when graphic file is compressed. These files get compressed when you use CompuServe to download the graphic files. CompuServe Interactive Services provides complete and comprehensive products and access for Internet online users at home, in the workplace and around the globe. Try to open the images after deleting the thumbs.db file. If you are not able to find this, show all hidden folders and file first and than delete it.

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    Re: "No Preview Available" error while opening jpg

    I think the graphic file is compressed and is configured by CompuServe or America Online software. To resolve this behavior, turn off the option to compress graphics in CompuServe or AOL, and then download the graphic files that you want. To do so:
    • Start AOL or CompuServe.
    • On the Settings menu or the Access menu (as appropriate), click Preferences.
    • Click Internet Properties (WWW) or WWW (as appropriate).
    • Click the Web Graphics tab, click Never compress graphics, and then click Apply.
    • Click the General tab.
    • Under Temporary Internet files, click Delete Files.
    • Click OK if you are prompted to confirm the deletion.
    • Click OK.

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    Re: "No Preview Available" error while opening jpg

    I was also having the same problem some couple of weeks ago. I just downloaded and installed some another image viewer and it is done. i'll suggest you to download IrfanView and try opening the images again. Hope you won't get that annoying error again.

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