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Thread: How to find cause of BSOD?

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    question How to find cause of BSOD?

    Couple of days ago came home from work and my computer on blue screen. Turned off and on, same blue screen. Would boot into safe mode fine, but reboot to blue screen. This am tried Last known good configuration - worked and no more blue screen.
    My question is how can I find out what happened to cause the blue screen? I didn't install anything new - but I do have automatic updates enabled. Is there a log file on the disk to tell me what caused the blue screen?

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    Re: How to find cause of BSOD?

    There are many reasons for the BSOD problem, such as software or device drivers, a hardware device not working properly, damaged startup files, a processor from overheating, a bad memory, hard drive dead or faulty software and device drivers. Check here for the solutions -

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    Re: How to find cause of BSOD?

    Didn't answer my question - BSOD during boot - are there log files which can help you find out what crashed it and where in the boot process it happened?

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