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Thread: SwarmPlugin Sound problem

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    SwarmPlugin Sound problem

    From last few weeks i had been testing SwarmPlugin. Now the problem seems to be that nearly half of the video torrents seems to be playing without any sound. So, can any body tell me that what could be the problem? Why i'm facing sound problem in SwarmPlugin? Does any body knows about it? Please provide me the correct solution for the above issue.

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    Re: SwarmPlugin Sound problem

    In Windows, the basic "Sounds" menu is found in Control Panel. The first thing to do is to reinstall your sound drivers. The best way is to go to the website of the company who makes your sound card and install them from there. Sound events that have little speakers next to them are enabled. Enable sounds for some actions that you recognize (like "exit program" or "minimize") and see if your speakers work now.

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    Re: SwarmPlugin Sound problem

    I created my selft 4 different AC3 audio streams encoded in several ways and different extensions. Make sure that a sound device is installed on your computer, if one isn't, just install one. In most cases, Windows will automatically detect the new hardware and install the necessary software drivers. It works very good for me with three different versions of the swarmplayer.

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    Re: SwarmPlugin Sound problem

    The swarmplayer is just the player we use in Tribler. When you downloaded it the Swarmplugin is still in Beta and works only on windows. Be sure you have a sound card installed (start--> programs--> accessories--> system tools--> system information will tell you) and that it's enabled with nothing muted. If it presents you the adjustment screen, see if you can raise any low volume setting and thus hear the sound(s).

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