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Thread: Philips Media Converter problem

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    Philips Media Converter problem

    Recently i had bought a new ipod / audio player. In order to transfer some of my music,, i had downloaded iMeem program on my machine. It didn't wok out for me, so i had installed Philips Media Converter on my system. They only support the format .wmv. It even only convert music files, whereas it can not convert MP3 and WMA. Any one can tell me that what is the actual problem with my Philips Media Converter? Does any body knows about it? Kindly help me out to get rid of the above issue. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Philips Media Converter problem

    The player comes with a separate program called a "device manager" and it does recognize the player. I think it is codec issue. So you can install a free FULL K-LITE codec package to resolve your issue. Additionally my computer does recognize the player and allows me to drag the files over after I covert them.

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    Re: Philips Media Converter problem

    The PC is high-end and has six hi-speed USB ports and two regular. he GoGear SA6025 is a small, sleek, lightweight and yes, quite a chic-looking 2GB flash player. It seems the only software on the system that doesn't recognize the GoGear is the software that's been designed specifically to work with it the Media Converter.

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    Re: Philips Media Converter problem

    The media converter is on the disc that came with the player. The problem is, the converter may be able to convert plenty of file formats extremely well in most cases, but not being able to simply copy/paste files is a real pain. When you install the software for the player, it should also install the media converter. Reinstall the software on the disc that came with your player.

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    Re: Philips Media Converter problem

    Contacted the Philips support and was told to contact the Arcsoft for a possible software issue. The way the software is supposed to work is that you can either convert the files to the computer into a folder (this part is working) or you can convert the file directly to the player if it's hooked up. They mentioned about the bit rate but there is no way you can change the setting on the Media converter as everything is preset with the model you are using.

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