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Thread: Run Windows XP with Windows 2000 Professional

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    Run Windows XP with Windows 2000 Professional

    I have a system which is already running on Windows 2000 Professional. I had recently upgraded the entire system. Now I want to remove Windows 2000 Professional but the problem is that is consist of some application installed by my Uncle. I had never installed two operating system on a same computer. I need some tips on the same. Does this will work fine without hurting the pre-installed applications.

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    Re: Run Windows XP with Windows 2000 Professional

    A computer can be configured in a way that lets you select between various operating systems each time you reboot your PC. For example you could configure a server running Windows 2000 Server most of the time and that, sometimes, running Windows NT Server 4.0 for compatibility with any legacy application. Thanks to multiple boot, you can select the operating system to run or specify a default OS if none is selected during the restart process. Also just assign a new drive for your new operating system.

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    Re: Run Windows XP with Windows 2000 Professional

    It is important to take into account the existing drives before using the multi-boot feature: Each operating system uses valuable disk space and file system compatibility can be complex if you want to run Windows XP on one partition and Windows 2000 Professional or an earlier operating system to another. In addition, dynamic disk format introduced in Windows 2000 does not work with older operating systems. However, the possibility of multiple start offering useful features, providing the flexibility of not just one team to run older operating systems, but also to enjoy the advances of the next version of the operating system. Windows 2000, Windows XP and Whistler have other options for system recovery. For example, if you have a problem with a newly installed device driver can use the security mode for the operating system restarts with default settings and the minimum number of drivers.

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    Re: Run Windows XP with Windows 2000 Professional

    Disk Configuration Requirements for multiple operating systems. first your C drive already has Windows 2000 Professional. Now each operating system must be on a different partition or logical disk. A partition or logical drive is a section of the disk that functions as a separate unit. The different partitions often have different drive letters, for example, C: and D:. It is important to install each operating system on a different partition and install the applications you use each operating system on the same partition as the system. If an application is used with two different operating systems, install it on both partitions. This ensures that important files are not overwritten using the other operating system.

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