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Thread: Excel 2007 error "Clipart cannot complete the operation"

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    Excel 2007 error "Clipart cannot complete the operation"

    I don't know whats went wrong with my MS Excel. I am a Windows Xp user and have installed Microsoft Office 2007 since 2 months ago. It was working fine yet but today morning when i tried to insert any clip art in my Excel workbook, it gives an error message saying, "Clipart cannot complete the operation."

    I don't have nay idea about this error message. Do you guys know what that means? Please let me know how can i fix this Excel error ?

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    Re: Excel 2007 error "Clipart cannot complete the operation"

    In Excel 2007 "Clipart cannot complete the operation" error occurs when the Ole32.dll file that is on the computer is not correctly registered. Additionally, this issue may occur if your installation of Microsoft Windows is damaged.

    In order to fix this issue, you need to register the Ole32.dll file. Here is how to do that:-

    Click Start, click Run, type regsvr32 ole32.dll in the Open box, and then click OK.
    Click OK when you receive the following message:
    DllRegisterServer in OLE32.DLL succeeded.

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    Re: Excel 2007 error "Clipart cannot complete the operation"

    You can also perform an in-place upgrade (reinstallation) of Windows to fix the said error message of Excel 2007. Performing an in-place upgrade of your operating system is an extreme troubleshooting step that you should only take if you fully understand the ramifications and risks involved. If you decide to take this step, make sure that you have the original Windows XP installation media and product key that was included with your operating system. If you are not comfortable trying to reinstall or repair the Windows operating system, you might want to contact your computer manufacturer for help or bring your computer to a professional repair shop.

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    Re: Excel 2007 error "Clipart cannot complete the operation"

    An in-place upgrade is also named a repair installation. This operation reinstalls Windows XP to the same folder on your computer where it was originally installed. To perform in-place upgrade, follow these steps:-

    • Start your computer.
    • Insert the Windows XP CD in your computer's CD drive or DVD drive.
    • On the Welcome to Windows XP page, click Install Windows XP.
    • On the Welcome to Windows Setup page, click Upgrade (Recommended) in the Installation Type box (if it is not already selected), and then click Next.
    • On the License Agreement page, click I accept this agreement, and then click Next.
    • On the Your Product Key page, type the 25-character product key in the Product key boxes, and then click Next.
    • On the Get Updated Setup Files page, select the option that you want, and then click Next.
    • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to reinstall Windows XP.

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