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Thread: Problem loading ActiveX in IE6

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    Problem loading ActiveX in IE6


    I normally Visit a Site that requires the loading of ActiveX. I therefore had changed the policy by allowing Windows ActiveX so that the site should works.i was having Windows XP SP2 and just upgraded to Windows XP SP3. After installing SP3, the ActiveX does not load anymore , can you tell me how can i solve this problem

    An idea?

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    Re: Problem loading ActiveX in IE6

    If you are experiencing problems with an ActiveX control on a Web site that you trust, add the Web site to the Trusted Sites zone in Internet Explorer. To do this, follow these steps in Internet Explorer:On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.On the Security tab, click Trusted Sites, and then click Sites.Under Add this website to the zone, type the URL of the Web site that you want to add. Click Add, and then click Close.

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    Re: Problem loading ActiveX in IE6

    well You have Have a Look in your Settting page , In your case, go to Internet Options> Security> Internet Zone> click on Default level. and save and exit

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    Re: Problem loading ActiveX in IE6

    it is a common problem with programming the site.I also had the same i managed to solve my ActiveX ie6 problem , by following this go to "Tools" "Internet Options ..." a windows will open displaying General, Security, Privacy, etc. ... you go to security and "security level for this zone" you put a "Medium Low" and then you click the "Apply" then "ok".this will solve your problem

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