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Thread: Free HDD Cloning Software?

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    Free HDD Cloning Software?

    I'm about to upgrade my old 80Gb HDD with new 500gb HDD, however i don't wanna reinstall anything, Can i get some advice about free cloning software, i need NTFS-compatible cloning software, I want to clone my full drive. Thanks for any advice,Regards.

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    Re: Free HDD Cloning Software?

    Clonezilla is best i have used , Clonezilla has two forms, Clonezilla live and Clonezilla ServerEdition (SE). Clonezilla live is used for cloning single machines while Clonezilla SE is for multiple machine deployments. See this thread Clone your hard disk with Clonezilla LiveCD

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    Re: Free HDD Cloning Software?

    To get free apps and tips about HDD cloning refer to following threads:

    Cloning software
    Clone a hard drive using freeware XXClone
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    Re: Free HDD Cloning Software?

    I don't know any free options but Norton Ghost is pretty good , HDClone is completely free option but haven't used it yet.

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